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WhatsApp is a messaging service between mobile phones that can be used as a substitute for text messages that are usually used (SMS). WhatsApp uses an Internet connection to send messages. The service is available for smartphone types whether on iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry or Symbian.

Download WhatsApp free

The major difference between SMS and WhatsApp messages is the fact that these messages are free as long as you use an Internet connection on your phone. However, the application is not completely free.

Use of the application is free for the first year and $ 0.99 per year thereafter. As it uses data, you will also have to pay for data consumption unless you are connected on a free Wi-Fi network.

The application also offers additional functionality via in-app purchases if you want to make non-Internet calls to other mobiles or landline phones. But compared to telecommunications service providers, WhatsApp’s premium service is much cheaper. In addition WhatsApp calls are very clear, especially if both parties have fast Internet connections.

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With regard to the protection of personal data, especially the content of messages, administrators assert that there is no fear; that the messages are encrypted and are not stored on its servers.

WhatsApp histoy

WhatsApp Inc., was founded in 2009 by Brian Acton and Jan Koum, two former employees of Yahoo !. The company started out as a small start-up and the number of users swelled to 250,000 in a few months; this number was increasing more and more rapidly over time to such an extent that it was necessary to add a charge for the use of the service per year to slow down the subscription rate.

With 700 million users in January 2015, it is currently the largest online messaging application on the market. And as proof, in a year, the number of users amounted to 1 billion, as it was found in February 2016. WhatsApp Inc. is currently based in Mountain View, California, USA; and it is owned by Facebook Inc. since February 19th, 2014 which had acquired it at about $ 19.3 billion.

How to download and install WhatsApp

Simply activate your data connection or Wi-Fi connection on your mobile phone (using Wi-Fi is preferable because data usage can incur a lot of expense when downloading the .apk file). Open the Play Store app and search for the WhatsApp application.

Once you have located the application, simply click the Install button and the application will automatically be installed on your Android mobile device. It is also possible to download the .apk file to install WhatsApp by doing a simple Google search. Once you have found the file, follow the download instructions. The file can be uploaded to Click the downloaded file to initialize the application installation.

After installing WhatsApp, the app will set up your device to allow you to make free calls over the Internet and send messages. Ask a friend who installed the app on his device to call you using WhatsApp. Once activated and connected, you can invite friends to install WhatsApp on their devices so that you can enjoy free calls over the Internet. You can also receive invitations from other friends who have already installed the app on their devices.