Download Spotify for free

Spotify is a music streaming service. This means that it plays songs on the Internet. You can also create playlists of the songs you like, or create “radio stations” based on the music you already like to discover more music that you might enjoy.

The songs on Spotify are not actually on your computer. This is a good thing because your songs can not disappear. However, this has also its disadvantage because you can only play your songs in the Spotify application. You can not listen to them anywhere else, or move them to another device unless that device also has Spotify in its application list.

Download Spotify for free

Spotify is free. You do not have to pay for Spotify if you do not want it. You can subscribe to a paid subscription, but it is not compulsory. However, to obtain additional features such as better sound quality and be able to listen to certain songs without an Internet connection, paid subscription is required.

The application is modular. Spotify works on all kinds of devices. You can use it on your Windows or Apple desktop if you listen to music at home most of the time. You can also put it on your iPad, iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Phone or Android smartphone. You can even install it on your video game console, PlayStation. Spotify also has the luxury of being customizable. You can add songs that you like to your collection, then put them in playlists of songs that go well together. You can also choose a song, artist, album or playlist you like and Spotify will randomly play random songs that are similar.

And Spotify is more than just a music player, it’s also social networking. Follow your favorite artists on Spotify and be among the first to listen to their new songs, or to view the music mix set up by your friends and other Spotify users. You can even share your songs on Spotify on other social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.

Spotify history

Spotify on Play StoreSpotify AB was launched in September 2008 by the Swedish startup company Spotify AB. By June 2016, Spotify had more than 100 million active users and about half a billion registered users. In August 2016, Spotify had 39 million paying subscribers worldwide, compared with 30 million paying subscribers in March 2016. In August 2016, Spotify provided access to more than 30 million songs. Spotify Technology SA operates as the parent company, registered in Luxembourg, while Spotify AB manages research and development in Stockholm.

Download and install Spotify

To have Spotify on your smartphone or Android tablet, go to Google Play Store, search for Spotify in the store and click “installed” when you find it. The download and installation will be done automatically. You can also opt to download the Spotify .apk installation file that is available on many sites. Simply follow the instructions recommended by the site to start the download. And once the .apk file is downloaded, click it to install.