Download MSQRD for free

MSQRD (Masquerade) is a mobile application that allows users to change the human appearance of video chats in real time. The application is based on the 3D face tracking technology developed by its creators, and works on both iOS and Android devices.

Download MSQRD for free

MSQRD creates animated masks and places them on human faces. Each mask corresponds exactly to the facial features of the user and repeats its movements. The full name of the complete application is “Masquerade”, which refers to the animation masks in the 19th century theaters.

The use of MSQRD is extremely easy. After you open the application, you choose the Photo or Video mode, then the front or rear camera. By pressing the screen, you can change the exposure level. Then you choose the video effect in single view, then you record a video of 30 seconds. You can then share the video on social media.

In Masquerade Editor, you can create your own masks. This tool makes it easy to create and use filters. It can be used to modify filters in real time. Registered filters can be included in a public catalog.

The Masquerade team developed the facial tracking technology in 2010. Until March 2016, the application had only been available for iOS. And on March 4th, the beta for Android was announced. In version 1.3 for iOS, the Facebook connection and live streaming of virtual masks in real time is available using Facebook Live. This feature is not yet available for Android.

In January 2016, MSQRD reached 1.92 million downloads worldwide. This number increased four times, up to 7.6M in February and continues to grow. In early February 2016, MSQRD became the 9th most popular app on the App Store. In mid-March, the number of installs exceeded 20 million.

On March 9th, 2016, the product was purchased by Facebook for, according to John Koetsier of Business Insider, allowing Facebook to compete with the social network Snapchat. Facebook will integrate MSQRD into its options as well as other applications, and promises to keep the basic application free for all users.

Download and install MSQRD

MSQRD on Play StoreTo download this app, the user must open the Google Play Store and search for the app by its name in the search icon. The MSQRD application will appear on the mobile screen. Just tap the icon and the download process will start. Thereafter, MSQRD will be installed automatically.

You can also download MSQRD by downloading the .apk installation file from a download hosting site via a web browser on a computer or mobile device. Once the file is downloaded, it must be put in the storage of the device where the user wants to install MSQRD. Once there, simply click on the .apk file and the installation will be initialized.