How to Run Android Apps on Your PC

You already had the question of whether or not it was possible to use Android applications on your computer; you have had the personal or professional need to use Android applications but you do not have a device running Android; or you simply wanted to use apps or play games on a wider screen than your phone, or do it without worrying about the battery, then you may not know it, but it’s possible to install and use applications for Android on your computer, on Windows, as well as on Linux or macOS.

Play Store on your computer

Let’s see how to download BlueStacks and configure it, this tool is only available for Windows. If you are looking for a tool to run on Linux or MacOS, you can go towards Genymotion, or Andy.

BlueStacks was launched in 2011 by a US company with an investment of 30 million from other major known and recognized companies in the mobile market and mobility technologies.

Go to the site of BlueStacks, download it, the file is rather large, nearly 300 megabytes. Once the download is complete, install it just like any other software without special specifications.

Download Play Store for PC

BlueStacks is an Android emulator. That is, it will virtualize an Android system directly on your Windows. BlueStacks comes with the Google Play Store directly installed, so the system is almost like using an Android tablet or phone. Simply open the app, set up a Google Account to use the Google Play Store, and download your favorite apps ready for use directly on your computer. The use is no different from owning a phone, you can even configure application notifications to appear directly on your Windows desktop.

BlueStacks offers you an interesting option, namely the ability to synchronize your applications perfectly between your phones, tablets and your computer.

Google Play Store

The Google Play Store comes directly installed in the software BlueStacks, as if it were a real device, so you have the possibility to download any application, game or others.

What is an APK file

The APK files are the files used by the Android operating system. This package contains all the data needed to install an application. There are lots of websites on the internet that allow you to recover your applications as an APK file to install directly on your phone.