Common Google Play Store error codes and how to fix them

Here is a list of the various problems you encounter with or on the Google Play Store, and their solutions.

Play Store error codes

Make sure you have the latest version of Android, sometimes problems coming directly from system bugs that have since been corrected by development teams and deployed to updates.

If you have trouble opening the Store or it does not work at all, it is usually a cache problem, here is how to solve the problem:

Clear cache

▪ Go to “Settings”, “Applications”, then “All”
▪ Search and click on the “Google Play Store” app.
▪ Click the “Clear Cache” button.

Clear Store data

If the problem is not resolved after clearing the cache, you may need to clear all data from the Google Play Store app; here is the procedure:

▪ Go to “Settings”, “Applications”, then “All”
▪ Search and click on the “Google Play Store” app.
▪ Click the “Clear Data” button.

Return to previous version

If you’ve installed a store update with a Google Play APK file, your problem may come from there, just uninstall this update as follows:

▪ Go to “Settings”, “Applications”, then “All”
▪ Search and click on the “Google Play Store” app.
▪ Click the “Uninstall Updates” button.

If you have trouble downloading from the Play Store, or running it, you may need to check the status of the download manager, which is the service that manages your downloads:

▪ Go to “Settings”, “Applications”, then “All”
▪ Search and click on the “Download Manager” application.
▪ Click on the “Activate” button if the manager is disabled.

If your phone is rooted and the solutions above do not work, here’s another thing to see.

Open your file explorer, go to system / etc / hosts (this may be the location, depending on device type and model), then edit this file, with the following change, then restart your phone , submit your Google Account and try again.

Edit the hosts.txt file as follows: add a # before the IP address, to get #

Desperate times calls for desperate measures!

If none of these options work, you may have to reset your Google account set on your phone. As your account is associated with the application store, resetting it might help to fix your problem. To do this, go to “Settings”, “Accounts”, select your account and delete it. Restart your phone and reset your account.

You can also reset your phone completely as a last resort. Be careful, however, to verify that your data is saved.

You can also search your problem more precisely on the Internet, it is possible that another solution is available, related to the phone model and its version of Android.