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Download Candy Crush for freeCandy Crush Saga, originally, was launched on Facebook on April 12th, 2012. It then made its way to smartphones on November 12th, 2012. The original game, Candy Crush, is a browser-based game, that ended up becoming a slight variation for its successor. Like other puzzle games of its kind, such as Bejeweled and Shariki, Candy Crush Saga is a variant of an alignment game of 3 elements of the same nature. The matrix size of the game is 9×9 and is filled with several different candies and other sweet assortments.

The goal of the players will be to move the candy from the card and try to line up three candies of the same color. This is accomplished by adding two candies of the same nature, a third to obtain a horizontal or vertical line of three or more candies of the same kind. Each puzzle includes three target scores that players can achieve and thus get stars. Each puzzle has its own universe so players can cope with new approaches to deal with new obstacles. All the puzzles in the game are contained in separate episodes. Players must have at least one star that matches a well-defined score for each level to move to the next level. If the player does not achieve this goal, a life is lost; and the player starts with five lives. Every life is restored after half an hour. You can also ask your friends for help by sending you extra lives through Facebook.

In June 2013, the Facebook version of the game contained 425 levels that are split between 29 episodes. For the mobile edition of the game, the first 365 levels are available. Each episode of the mobile version contains 15 levels per episode, except for the first two episodes, which contained only 10 puzzles. To have access to an episode after the first two, players had to invite three of their Facebook friends.

Candy Crush for Android

To say that Candy Crush Saga is financially viable is an understatement. 9to5Mac reported that the game brings in a total revenue stream of $ 633,000 per day. The game therefore brings in $ 230 million a year or more, as the number of players keeps increasing. King, the developer of Candy Crush Saga, also had the idea to develop two other generic applications to Candy Crush Saga: Candy Crush Soda and Candy Crush Jelly. Games that are just as addictive and profitable as their predecessor.

Download Candy Crush Saga for Android

Download Candy Crush Saga from Play StoreYou can download Candy Crush Saga for free with the Google Play Store app. Simply search for the game in the store and click “installed”. The game will then be downloaded and installed automatically on your device.

In case you need an older version of the application or if the application is not available in your area, you have the option to download the .apk installation file from Candy Crush Saga to a site via a web browser. To download the .apk file, follow the instructions on the site you have chosen. And once the file is downloaded, click it to initiate the installation.