Free Play Store Download

Smartphones and tablets are almost like small computers, but it is clear that their potential is practically useless if you do not have access to the best applications, tools and games on the market.

Play Store Download

The Play Store application can be installed on your smartphone and tablet with the Android operating system and through which you will have direct access to the official Google Play store. With Play Store you can have at your disposal all the tools, magazines, books, games and in general, a wide range of fantastic content to make the most out of your device and enjoy it at anytime and anywhere. But of course, not only you will find useful tools for recreation and entertainment, but you will also have access to some very interesting applications that will certainly help you in your work and in your studies while helping you improve your social life by allowing you to stay in touch with people all over the world.

Free Play Store Download

By default, Play Store for Android is installed on your device when you buy it. However, there are some reasons why you might be looking for the application without being able to find it. Generally, this is the case when you buy a terminal from China, which for legal reasons and by default does not come with Play Store installed. But there are other reasons why you may not have access to the Google Play store on your device, such as the fact that due to an error, Play Store has been removed from your smartphone or tablet because it works incorrectly due to a bug, or maybe even you deleted it thinking you’re not going to use it.

In any case, it is important to keep in mind that if you can not find Play Store or even if you want to reinstall it because of a malfunction, the whole process can be done easily and quickly. But for the beginners, we will briefly explain the whole process step by step to have no difficulty.

How to download and install Play Store

download and install Play StoreWe will go through two main processes to be able to enjoy Play Store. First, we will download the file below to begin the installation. Next, we will detail these two processes separately. As you know, to install a program, it is imperative to have an installer, and in our case it is a file that we will run on our device.

It is important to note that there are different versions of Google Play Store, and depending on your operating system version, one version of Google Play Store may be more interesting than another.

In this sense, you have Google Play Store APK 6.0.5 which is known to be the latest version of Play Store. However, before any problem you may have, you will keep some previous versions that you will be able to install and update later, ie, if problems arise with the latest version, all you have to do is install one of the older versions and then upgrade it to the latest version.

That being said, you can download this file directly from your PC, so you will be able to save space. If you want to download it from your terminal, we recommend that you connect yourself to a Wifi network. Well, you already have the file, and what you are going to do now is to insert the microSD card into your device.

As you already have the file, the next step is to configure your device to allow the installation of external files. Android has a security system that prevents file execution and manual installation. In your case, you will obviously run an external file, so you need to go to the Settings section and click Security. If you go down, you will find the section “Unknown Sources” and you will notice to its right a checkbox. All you have to do is select this box and accept the changes. Now you can go to the place where you saved the file you downloaded in the previous point and run it. The installation starts and in a few minutes you will have finished installing the latest version of Play Store.